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Contact Becca Benson  Becca Benson (505) 296-4811 ex: 31923 Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Cinzia Chiado  Cinzia Chiado Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Kimberly Gonzales  Kimberly Gonzales Kindergarten Teacher
Contact Jessica Scott  Jessica Scott Kindergarten Teacher
1st Grade
Contact Anita Duffey  Anita Duffey (505) 296-4811 ex: 31925 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Jodi Feddema  Jodi Feddema (505) 296-4811 ex: 31924 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Jordan Price  Jordan Price 1st Grade Teacher
Contact Vanessa Stackpole  Vanessa Stackpole 1st Grade Teacher
3rd Grade
Contact Tanya Blankinship  Tanya Blankinship 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Abigail Rudolph  Abigail Rudolph 3rd Grade Teacher
Contact Ben Steiner  Ben Steiner 3rd Grade Teacher
5th Grade
Contact Scott Carter  Scott Carter 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Kelly Hogan  Kelly Hogan 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Leslie Kingston  Leslie Kingston 5th Grade Teacher
Contact Tamara Torres  Tamara Torres 5th Grade Teacher
Special Education / Gifted
Contact Brooke Beggio  Brooke Beggio Teacher of the Gifted
Contact Christina Leonard  Christina Leonard Special Education Teacher
Contact Brittny Meis  Brittny Meis Special Education Teacher
Contact Leslie Morris  Leslie Morris Teacher
Contact Lorna Noble  Lorna Noble (505) 296-4811 ex: 31946 Head Special Ed. Teacher / Teacher of the Gifted
Contact Bailey Reimholz  Bailey Reimholz Special Education Teacher
Contact Kiley Wiermeri  Kiley Wiermeri IEP Specialist
Fine Arts
Contact Heather Hansen  Heather Hansen (505) 550-3011 Music Teacher
Dean of Students
Contact Amanda Patterson  Amanda Patterson Dean of Students
Physical Education (PE)
Contact Jason Tainter  Jason Tainter Physical Education Teacher
Educational Assistants
Contact Elena Bryant  Elena Bryant Educational Assistant
Contact Beth Busick  Beth Busick Educational Assistant
Contact Suzan Garcia  Suzan Garcia Educational Assistant
Contact Laura Marshall  Laura Marshall Educational Assistant
Contact Victoria Mikolajczak  Victoria Mikolajczak Educational Assistant
Contact Rebecca Miller  Rebecca Miller Educational Assistant
Contact Loreyna Ojeda  Loreyna Ojeda Educational Assistant
Contact Tessa Rosales  Tessa Rosales Educational Assistant
Contact Hanna Myers  Hanna Myers Principal
Assistant Principal
Contact Crystal Avalos  Crystal Avalos Assistant Principal
Contact Karen McWethy  Karen McWethy Secretary
Contact Terrie Garcia  Terrie Garcia Clerk
Health Room
Contact Molly Covington  Molly Covington Staff
Contact Denise Yepa  Denise Yepa Nurse Assistant
Contact ***Karen Romero  ***Karen Romero Technology Teacher
Contact Crystal Moyer  Crystal Moyer Redirector
Contact Veronica Johnson  Veronica Johnson Occupational Therapy
Contact Katie Trujillo  Katie Trujillo SLP
Contact Jenny Yeh-Nelson  Jenny Yeh-Nelson Physical Therapy
Contact Lidong Chen  Lidong Chen Cafeteria Manager
Contact Lorraine Hyer  Lorraine Hyer Cafeteria
Contact Kit Tsui  Kit Tsui Cafeteria
Contact Robert Anaya  Robert Anaya Custodian
Contact Ralph Griego  Ralph Griego Custodian
Contact Juan Ibarra  Juan Ibarra Custodian